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How to become a 3D-visualizer
Free online intensive from 3D-visualizer with 20 years of experience

Our free online intensive class will begin in:

On our intensive class you will learn:
3 Stages of creating a visualization

Creation of models, choosing the right materials, setting the cameras and lighting
How to find clients without a portfolio

You will learn 2 ways to find orders as a beginner + take a look at our examples of those who became a 3d visualizer from scratch

Do you need a high-end PC?

You will see that even an old PC can produce well-made 3d visualizations

Program optimization

How to avoid long rendering times and crashes
Creating 3D models

You will know how to increase your revenue by creating models and how to get regular customers

Taught by a visualizer with 20 years of experience
Hello! My name's Oleg Kononykhin and I'm a professional visualizer with more than 20 years of experience.

I'm proficient with 3Ds Max, Zbrush, AutoCad, Inventor, Photoshop, VRray, Corona, Corel, Rhinoceros, Substance, After Effects, Nuke and a lot of other programs.

Among my works there are the flagman office of Gazprom, Sberbank offices, Tarko-Sale's embankment, dozens of fountain complexes in Saint-Petersburg, the design of the Zenit-arena entrance, restaurant complex in the Pulkovo Outlet.

Each year I work with dozens of new projects and improve my skills. I would like to share some of those skills with you on my online masterclass.

ИНН 9731076940, ОГРН 1217700115665
р/сч 40702810902500093818
БИК: 044525999, к/сч: 30101810845250000999

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